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Psychologist Consultation

Dr Christine Golden joined the Dolley Madison team in 2017 as a consultant. She serves as a resource to the Dolley Madison Staff by offering behavioral observations and consultation to the teachers.  She sets an onsite visit to provide feedback to parents who are interested, and she is available to see children in her McLean office when contacted by parents directly.

Christine Golden, Ph.D.

Dr. Golden has specialized in work with children and families since the beginning of her professional training.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts, both in Psychology, from the Catholic University of America.  She then pursued her doctoral education through Kent State University graduating with her Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology in 2006.  Dr. Golden is a licensed pediatric psychologist and is credentialed as a member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. She has maintained a private practice in McLean, Virginia since 2012, where she provides assessment and outpatient therapy services to children from twelve months through early adulthood. She enjoys making presentations in the community on a variety of behavioral health topics including anxiety, behavior management, executive functioning, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental delays.

If you would like to contact Dr. Golden directly, please feel free to do so at or through her website at

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