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1125 Savile Lane McLean, VA 22101

Preschool: 703-356-1351
Main Office and Speech: 703-356-2833

Philosophy & History

Our Philosophy

To provide a challenging environment that nurtures self-esteem and independence, fosters friendships, and encourages each child’s unique abilities.

Our History

Dolley Madison Preschool and Speech and Language Services share a unique history that spans three decades.


Immanuel Presbyterian Church given trust money to be used in selection and establishment of needed community service. Decision was to open training facility for preschool children with minimal language delays.


Speech and Language Center opens its doors.


Incorporated as Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia Inc. (SLCNV).


Dolley Madison Preschool opens its doors.


SLCNV and Immanuel Presbyterian Church are officially deemed a formal business relationship of tenant-landlord.


After 45 years, Dolley Madison Preschool and Speech and Language Services continue working together for children.