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Occupational Therapy

Marcy G. Berger, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

Marcy G. Berger, OTR/L has been an occupational therapist since 1980 when she received her BS in O.T. from Towson University. In addition, she completed clinical training in Boston and Philadelphia before coming to practice in the D.C. area. Marcy is certified in pediatric NDT (neurodevelopmental therapy) and employs both NDT and Sensory Integration (SI) techniques in her pediatric O.T. practice. Marcy has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools and pediatric therapy centers. She is licensed in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC as well as being a registered O.T. globally. Marcy values being a member of a treatment program with speech and language therapists, educators and parents at Dolley Madison Preschool.

As a pediatric occupational therapist since 1980, it is wonderful to be part of the Dolley Madison Preschool team. Occupational therapy (O.T.) is here for the benefit of the students, parents, teachers, assistants and speech and language therapists in a vaiety of ways. O.T. services can take place in both the classroom (during observations/consultations) and in the O.T. room (private therapy).

Regularly scheduled classroom observations, by the O.T., are established to assist the teacher and the speech therapists, with the classroom needs of all the children. All classroom visits/consultations are clinical O.T. observations only with feedback given to Dolley Madison staff. All individual O.T. sessions are initiated by parents directly to the O.T. by phone, email or in person. Individual O.T. sessions can take place both in the classroom as well as in the O.T. room at Dolley Madison.

Pediatric O.T. is a wonderful resource that focuses on sensory motor integration which is an essential element of child development. When a child has difficulties with areas such as self-regulation, tactile defensiveness, motor planning, visual processing, fine motor skills, low muscle tone, his/her daily functioning is impacted. Weekly individual O.T. can be helpful.

Weekly sessions are 45 minutes each and may utilize a variety of play based activities including a tire swing, a trampoline, a trapeze swing, table-top games, tunnels, slides, scooters, as well as child oriented fine motor activities including scissor use, writing, coloring, drawing and others. Modified tools may be explored such as a slant board, pencil pillows, and weighted vests to name a few.

I have been fortunate to be a part of Dolley Madison Preschool/Speech and Language Center since 1990 and look forward to continuing to support the success of you and your children at Dolley Madison Preschool. For more information email Marcy at