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Our Pre-K Philosophy:
The Gift of Time

Give your child a special Gift!

Heading off to Kindergarten is a wonderfully exciting time. When your child is ready, schooling is a long, happy journey. To ensure success, reflect upon your child’s, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. For optimal success, all four areas of development should be progressing simultaneously.

It’s not an oxymoron for a child to be very bright, yet not physically or socially or emotionally ready for the rigors of working all day in a large group.

Comments from several McLean Mothers on the advantages of a Pre-K program

“An extra year in a Pre-K program is very important to consider, specially, if your child has shown some problems in his performance at preschool.” Another reflection, “I knew my son was ready academically, but I didn’t like the idea of him being the youngest child in his Kindergarten class. It didn’t take long for me to realize that waiting for Kindergarten was the best decision I could have made.” Lastly, “My son started preschool when he was three years old and when it was time to start Kindergarten, it was a big decision for our family. My son was very bright but shy and needed some more time to gain confidence in a small, caring group. This one extra year made him ready for the transition from a small environment to the elementary school.”

If you are questioning your child’s readiness for Kindergarten, the McLean area offers many excellent choices for Pre-K. Investigate, ask questions and consider giving your child the “gift of time”!

Anne Schwartz, M.Ed.
Dolley Madison Preschool