Dolley Madison Preschool

Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia


Pre-K Program

The 2018-2019 school year will be the 18th year for the Pre-K program at Dolley Madison Preschool. The program is a continuation of the warm, nurturing atmosphere that has been a Dolley Madison tradition.

This program is designed for students who have completed a four-year old class and would benefit from an additional year before entering Kindergarten. Young people from Dolley Madison and other preschools are welcomed.

Dolley Madison offer 4 full days, Monday, thru Thursday from 9 - 3 pm and Friday from 9 - 12 pm.

A continued emphasis on:
Social & Emotional Development
  • Board games
  • Centers-imaginative play
  • Puppets
  • Role play
  • Floor activities-turn taking-sharing
  • Social games & songs
Intellectual & Language Development

Emphasis on oral communication & literacy thought
  • Circle time
  • Stories
  • Themes
  • Sequencing
  • Dictating of stories
  • Child draws pictures of their world
Mathematical Development

  • Count students, snack, calendar, etc.
  • Recognize & write numerals
  • Associate numerals with quantity
  • Compare quantities
Physical Development

Fine Motor
  • Cutting
  • Art projects-painting-coloring-gluing-pasting
  • Tracing-copying-stencils
  • Sensory stimulation
Gross Motor
  • Use of large playground
  • Indoor crawling tunnel
  • Stomach scooters
  • Tumbling mats
Approaching Pre-Reading Both Visually & Phonetically

  • Visual discrimination tasks
  • Auditory discrimination tasks
  • Rhyming words
Speech and language therapy services as well as occupational therapy services are available. Click here for more information.