Dolley Madison Preschool

Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia


School Based Speech & Language

Children receiving speech and language support at Dolley Madison are active members of their class. There typically are two to three slots reserved for children who need this support within a classroom of 12-18 children. The additional fee added to the tuition covers two half-hour sessions weekly of direct therapy, evaluations as needed, bi-annual reports, parent meetings, team meetings with class staff, and case management.

The therapy service delivery model is a combination of pull-out therapy, classroom-based therapy, and collaboration consultation services. Therapists often have children invite a friend to the therapy room or work within the classroom facilitating communication and social skills with others in the class. The service delivery model is dependent on the needs and progress of each child enrolled in the program.

In order to maintain appropriate ratios, children who currently receive or qualify for speech and language therapy are required to accept a speech and language support slot. If you have questions, regarding whether your child requires this support please contact Sue Lyons at the Speech and Language Services at 703-356-2833. When submitting your application, please submit recent professional reports if possible. As openings become available, Sue Lyons will contact you to set up a meeting with your child to determine that Dolley Madison would be a good placement.