Dolley Madison Preschool

Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia


Parents Corner


Room Parents

Would you like to be a room parent for your child’s class? We need at least one room parent for each class, but two or three would be even better. In this position, you would occasionally help with a classroom event, help with picture day, and help with the school fundraiser in the spring. It’s a fun way to meet other parents and an easy and rewarding volunteer job that really helps our school. If you can pitch in, please email us at Thank you.    

Sign up for the Safeway eScrip Program!

Through the Safeway eScrip program, parents and friends of our school designate our school to receive eScrip credits based on their purchases at Safeway. These credits are redeemable by us at the end of the year for classroom equipment.  If you would like to help, please go to, enter your Safeway bonus card # and the ID # for our school, which is 150239556. You may also look up Dolley Madison Preschool though the 22101 zip code search feature on the site. If you designated Dolley Madison last year, please go to the site and renew your designation for this year by clicking “Yes! Renew.” Also, please know that you can designate more than one school to receive credit based on your purchases, so if you want to designate the school an older sibling attends, you can easily do that too. Thank you.

Sign up for Harris Teeter Together in Education Program

Through this program the school receive credits based on the purchase of parents and friends at Harris Teeter. If you would like to help, please go to, on the right top of the page, select "together in education". Select link to your school and type in your details. The school code is 6789. Thank you.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets one evening per month (and occasionally as needed) and most members commit to at least two years of service. The many rewards of serving on the Board include additional involvement in our school and learning more about early childhood education as well as speech and language development issues. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please stop by the school office and ask for a Board information packet. The packet includes further material regarding the role of the board director and a personal information form to complete and return to the office. Click here to see the list of current Board Members.