Dolley Madison Preschool

Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia


Admissions Process

Request an application by either calling 703-356-1351, send an email,, or come by the school at 1125 Savile Lane in McLean.

  • A dated application and brochure are sent to the parents. 
  • Return the completed application. 
  • Applications are considered by the date they were requested.
  • Once placement is offered and accepted, a non-refundable $100 registration fee per family is required.
  • The school will notify you by (phone/mail) upon acceptance.
  • Applications can be submitted at anytime, but are considered in the order they were requested. 
  • The application process for current students, siblings, legacies, church members and in-class speech and language students begins in January for the school year that begins in September.
  • School tours and meetings with school professionals are available upon request.
  • Children currently receiving speech and language therapy services are accepted into the program in one of the two or three speech/language support slots reserved in each class. Please submit current professional reports with the application. A meeting with your child will be conducted with one of the Coordinators of Speech and Language Services prior to admittance.